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The future is not coming, it’s here. My Talks are for businesses and leaders who want to know more about the challenges they are up against, and the vast opportunities these create. Each topic can also be facilitated in a Workshop environment, or customised to meet specific concerns.


My books

What’s your Moonshot?


  • Shaping your mindset
  • The future of technology, your consumer, your industry and your employee
  • Innovating with purpose
  • Creating your Moonshot


Based on my first book, What’s your Moonshot?, this keynote unpacks what it takes to future-proof yourself and your business in the age of exponential disruption. The audience will be encouraged to ask bold questions, such as: How do we thrive – rather than merely survive – in our exponentially changing times? How can we innovate so as to make a positive impact on millions, if not billions, of people?

As the foundations of modern economies – transportation, communication and energy – are shifting, massive transformative ideas are no longer the sole domain of nations and global organisations. These pioneering, game-changing missions – or Moonshots – are defined by thinking big to drive change and shape the future. Does your business have what it takes to pioneer the future? Do you have a Moonshot?



  • Recognize your chase, learn how to step out and elegantly show up

  • Discover your why to build a profitable purpose lead organisation

  • Understand the tools to lead an organisation fuelled by excitement


Caught in a never-ending chase, life and business only seem to get more complex, confusing and fast-paced. How can we regain our calm and clarity? How do we retain control and live purposeful lives when for so long doing business has been profit led?

In this keynote, I reveal the way by helping you find authenticity and meaning through introspection. Then, I’ll guide you to look outward to comprehend why purpose-led businesses are no longer a choice

rather the only rational answer for long-term sustainability to meet the needs of your conscious and ethical seeking future consumer.

Once you discover your who, you’ll automatically discover your why and begin to lead with heart. This purpose combined with clear understanding of your business environment and the trends guiding it enables you to Magentiize your world.

employee and workplace

The Forever Profitable™ Whiteboard Lecture


  • Get a holistic view of trends and shifts affecting the world.
  • Gain the confidence to ask [real] questions.
  • Become friends with the future, rather than a victim of it.


This 45-minute interactive lecture is designed to encourage organisational decision-makers to dissect and contextualise the future from an informed, fearless vantage point. During this session we will venture into a new territory: one in which strategic decisions can be formed outside of comfort zones, beyond capabilities and irregardless of competitive advantages. By zoning in on the future of your industry, consumer, technology and employee within the three major consumer markets, each audience member will be challenged to explore their very own Moonshot potential.

Leadership in the Age of Digital Disruption


  • Becoming transparent and personable leader
  • Organising people in small groups and around focussed tasks
  • Attracting the workforce of the future


By 2023, 7 billion people will have access to the internet and access to the same knowledge. By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be freelancing.

How will this affect leadership? How will it influence company culture? How can leaders attract the workforce of the future? I will talk you through this seismic shift from centralised to decentralised leadership, and explain how this challenge can be an exciting opportunity to become a leader with a new perspective.

The future of the workplace


  • Sustainable workforce: from acquisition to retention
  • Decentralisation of power in the workplace


The most important asset in today’s world of business is true talent. This Talk is about discovering the “How”; how to attract, inspire, motivate and retain the best talent: from attracting and nurturing this talent, motivating and creating a climate conducive to innovation, and finding the keys that will unlock new doors to reveal growth and sustainability.

Employee of the Future


  • What are the need states of the 21st century employee?
  • How do these needs change in a mature, emerging and less affluent market?
  • How can you attract and retain the employee of the future?


It is no surprise that the future of your business is based on the quality of people that you attract, inspire and motivate to work with you – rather than for you.

What does this 21st century employee look like? Which are the different markets that he or she lives in? What is driving the behaviour of these employees and how will they choose to work with you over other companies in the future?

Consumer and Psychology of People

The Consumer of the Future


  • Anticipating trends and knowing your consumer
  • Crossing over sectors: where are your consumers and where are you?
  • How to be Forever Profitable


In an ever-changing world, staying relevant, authentic and profitable is a real challenge.

In this Talk, my focus point is on how businesses can use trends in a very specific manner and form new habits that will fast-track the adoption of a “forever profitable” culture. The main aim is to dissect the needs of your consumers, and the sector they operate in.

Age of the Spectacular Human Being


  • Understand how and why we make decisions

  • Discover the tools to help bring self awareness

  • Grasp the future in a way to best prepare for it


Today, more than ever before in history, do individual human beings have the power to impact more people, more often and with laser accuracy. We can build global vibrational villages of like-minded people across continents to join us in our quest.

What is your quest? How do you find it? How do you cultivate it and how do you step into being the most spectacular version of yourself? Combine this with a good understanding of the future and you become unstoppable.

Future Strategy

How to Stay Forever Profitable


  • Disrupting your own business
  • Seeing change & innovation as open doors of opportunity
  • How to Trenovate and stay ahead


To create cutting edge organisations, we need to drink from the fountain of insight and look into the future of technology, our industry, consumers and our employees.

How can we ‘predict’ the future and what does it take to remain Forever Profitable? The simple answer is that it’s all relative, but the good news is that if you keep an eye on the world around you, you don’t need to be an oracle to see what your future might look like – anticipation is preparation.

Do you know what to expect? Do you know how your business will be disrupted?

Taylor made topics

Mastering the Art of Disruption


  • Spotting disruptors in outside sectors
  • The ‘new’ rules of business
  • How to increase your Adaptability Quotient (AQ)


Is the idea of a disruptor keeping you up at night? Do you even know who will be ‘stealing your lunch money’ in the near future? How can you survive the influx of disruption?

First of all, you need to look beyond the confines of your own industry, because disruptors typically come from outside of your sector. Next, you need to become familiar with the new rules of business and how to apply them. In this keynote, I show you how to survive disruption by asking new questions about your business, setting your sights on new industries and new rules, and moving your company from being IQ- and EQ-focused to being AQ-focused.

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