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Forever Profitable

I have been privileged to discover and develop a methodology called ‘Forever Profitable’ and it is my pleasure to share it with everyone.

There are three core components to this methodology, each designed to successfully launch your company into the future; a future in which your business will be ‘Forever Profitable’.


Trenovate is the first phase of this methodology; a process of immersion whereby the executive committee members are invited to a series of workshops as we evaluate and un-pack the 4 key pillars that impact every touch point of your organisation.

In the second part of Trenovate we prepare, for organisational adoption, the trend-informed Innovation. Checking each aspect of who will be affected by the shifts, is essential to mission success which is why I conduct workshops to develop the perfect consumer journey and internal staff culture prior to implementation.


The Future of your Industry and Possible Competitors

Understanding where your industry is going both locally and globally is paramount to shaping your decision making. It is imperative to understand who your future competitors will be and where they may come from.


To map out the future of your industry we need to take into account:

  1. What will the sector look like in the future.
  2. What other sectors do you need to focus on and move into.
  3. Who your future competitors will be.
  4. How best to deal with these competitors.
  5. Who do you need to possibly synergise with.


Your Future Consumer

Identifying the needs of your future consumer – sometimes before they do themselves – to ensure business readiness to meet those needs.


To map out the Journey of your Future Consumers, we evaluate everything from:

  • Product
  • Service
  • Packaging
  • Experience
  • Technology
  • Social impact
  • Environmental impact


The Future of your Employees
Understanding the new skills that your internal talent will need in order to best perform with the future in mind. To stay ahead of the crowd, we explore aspects of attracting, training, inspiring, motivating and retaining staff with the skills required to future-proof your business.


We delve into an exploration of The Talent that will Future-Proof your business:

  • Who are they?
  • What are their needs and attitudes?
  • Why do they succeed in their roles?
  • How do we attract them to your company and keep them inspired?


The process of discovery allows us to identify relevant trends within each pillar and to map out the future of your industry and the impact on consumers, employees and competitors. This becomes the platform from which we can establish laser-focused innovation. Once these pillars are securely established, they will ensure sustainability and relevance both for today and tomorrow – in other words, the 4 pillars will ‘future proof’ the business and ensure its success into the future.

The outcome of the Trenovate process is to have a better feel of what your business will look like in the future by envisioning the future of your industry and the journeys of your future consumer and staff in that process. By completing this exercise, we can confidently develop solutions that are ready to be adopted, shared and implemented across the organisation.

2). GO FOR LAUNCH: adoption

In the second phase we roll out two key programmes: Culture S.T.A.R.S and R.A.P.I.D Innovation. Informed by the Trenovate discoveries, these are the fresh ingredients required to kick-start prototyping and implementation.


How do we embed these Culture S.T.A.R.S into your organisation?

  • Story – We build a single mythology, parable or anecdote that inspires your team and reflects your company values.
  • Rituals – We identify and create daily, weekly and monthly rituals to change staff behaviour to be more in line with your Story.
  • Area & Artefacts– We make sure that the objects and spaces within your organisation reflects your culture along the employee experience journey.
  • Tools & Technology– We equip your staff with the right tools & technology that will enhance your Story.
  • Staff – In order to shift your culture, we identify and develop the perfect staff member personality profile, allowing you to set staff benchmarks and understand staff aspirations.


How do we ignite and implement innovative solutions with R.A.P.I.D focus?

R – rethink your whole business – from consumer to staff to jumping business categories
A – bring awareness of your key consumer from the Trenovate workshops
P – prototype the product, service, enviroment, technology, environmental and social impacts
I – iterate, iterate, iterate
D – develop and do


Prototyping solutions allow us to assess the risks, costs and benefits that can be expected during full implementation. Solution designs are always custom-crafted for your company.


AIRBRN Gamification Platform

Implementation is the holy grail of strategy. For this reason, I have developed a gamification platform that facilitates the roll-out of Culture S.T.A.R.S.
In a nutshell: AIRBRN allows organisations to reward and recognise employee behaviour. It lets managers track everything from internal culture assimilation to learning and reaching sales targets.

  • AIRBRN provides:
  • A badges and points system
  • Newsfeed showing tasks and goals
  • Ability to earn AirCoins
  • Ability to spend AirCoins at the AirMarket
  • Access to e-learning
  • Rewards for meeting deadlines / goals

Employee performance is influenced by the knowledge that activities are being tracked and measured. This approach creates a coaching culture – rather than a management style that relies on enforcement.

The gamification element of the platform comes full-circle when staff can redeem their points (AirCoins) for performing at the AirMarket, a corporate marketplace where AirCoins can be used to ‘purchase’ rewards made available by the organisation, e.g. days off, movie tickets, meal vouchers, massages or weekends away.

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