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In His first book, What’s Your Moonshot? John asked: How big is your thinking? In His follow up book, Magnetiize, He expands on these ideas, challenging business leaders, employees and individuals to become future-ready, and ask: How conscious is your thinking?

The world is caught in a never-ending chase. Without even realising it, we seem always to be hurrying after something – something we can’t even describe – a chase to nowhere. As a result, we have arrived in the age of disruption – a word that has become part of our daily business vocabulary. We’re all aware of it, yet many of us still struggle to cope with its implications: fast-paced change. Through a combination of human psychology, business strategy and future studies, John provides a unique holistic approach to achieving future-readiness in an elegant and conscious manner.

With a clearer understanding of how the world is changing, and with your truest self brought to the fore, MAGNETiiZE offers you the opportunity to stop chasing life and to take control of your future. Join Him and countless others on the exhilarating ride to a life of purpose and a future of your own making.


‘John Sanei’s genius is in helping us decode and overcome the obstacles we face in achieving personal and professional success. Magnetiize is a must-read for anyone who wants to live a more wonderful life.’

Nadia Bilchik – CNN

As with my first book What’s Your Moonshot?, the information in Magnetiize has largely been inspired by the many clients, peers and teachers I’ve interacted with over the years, and particularly in the year since the publication of my first book. I have absorbed, adapted, borrowed and refashioned their work in an ongoing process of continuous research, from face-to-face interactions to hearing them talk in person and online to reading company reports, blogs, articles, websites and more. For this I am hugely grateful – hopefully, I have given back to them in return. I can’t possibly mention every person or publication that has influenced my thoughts, but I believe I have referenced the obvious ones within the text and below. To those I’ve no doubt forgotten to mention, I sincerely apologise.

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‘With compelling insight, Magnetiize shows us how to best navigate this rapidly changing future with less fear and more excitement.’

Rene Carayol – MBE


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