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‘The end of the old way is not doomsday. It’s a climb up a new mountain. And when you think like John thinks, it’s a beautiful climb.’

Cal Fussman
New York Times best selling author


Do you have the right mindset to thrive in today’s rapidly changing business world? Are you a victim or an architect of the future?

In What’s Your Moonshot? trend and innovation strategist, John Sanei, explains what it takes to thrive – rather than merely survive – in our exponentially changing times. With a future-focused victor mindset, Sanei decodes the mega-trends that are reshaping human behaviour and the way we do business, and explains how to innovate your business so as to make a positive impact on millions, if not billions, of people.

As the foundations of modern economies – transportation, communication and energy – become free or virtually free, massive transformative ideas can now be driven by individual ambition and determination. No longer the sole domain of nations and global organisations, these pioneering, game-changing missions – or Moonshots – are defined by thinking big to drive change and shape the future.